The Repertory

Ballet Title Choreographer Season Premiere
The Magic Flute Erich Yetter 42nd
A Christmas Carol Tom Gold 37th
A Midsummer Night's Dream (variations) Erich Yetter 38th
American Vignettes Catherine Oppenheimer, Frances Patrelle 20th
At my BEST Tom Evert 33rd
Ballet of the Angels (woodland scene from Hansel and Gretal opera)    
Ballet School Nan Klinger 1st
Beauty and the Beast Tom Gold 38th
Bus Stop Lori Klinger  
Carnival of the Animals James Sewell 16th, 42nd
City of Akron Frances Patrelle 25th
Cliques Tom Smith 38th
Color Me Red, Color Me Yellow, Color Me Blue Tom Evert 15th
Fancy Nancy Frances Patrelle 34th
Four Decades of Dance: A Tribute to Nan Klinger Tom Gold 40th
Friendship Nan Klinger 2nd
Girls School Vladimir Dokoudovsky 2nd
Happy Tom Gold 39th
I Love Shapes Tom Evert 13th
Ida's Flowers Michael Vernon 8th
Johnny Appleseed Michael Vernon 9th
Joplin Jamboree Tom Gold 37th
Madeline at the Circus Frances Patrelle 28th
Miss Spider's Tea Party James Sewell 21st
Mole Music Bill Hastings 26th
Nancy Drew's Scarlet Slipper Mystery Michael Vernon 14th
Nutcracker Swings Frances Patrelle 32nd
Out on a Limb John Selya 23rd
Peter and the Wolf Vladimir Dokoudovsky 1st
Peter Pan Laszlo Berdo 32nd
Pinocchio Erich Yetter 40th
Romantic Suite Michael Byars 17th
Scherzo a' la Russe George Balanchine 22nd
School Daze Michael Vernon 29th
Seasoning Tom Gold 28th & 39th
Snow White Laszlo Berdo 31st
Spirit of the Cuyahoga James Sewell 17th
Symphonic NANsense Tom Gold 35th
The Adventures of Wynken, Blynken and Nod Michael Vernon 11th
The Birthday Wish David Richardson 5th
The Empty Pot Frances Patrelle 24th
The Enchanted Toyshop Nan Klinger 4th
The Fly Away Flock Michael Vernon 13th
The Little Mermaid Tom Gold 36th, 41st
The Magic Leaf Catherine Oppenheimer 19th
The Nutcracker, Act II John Prinz 3rd
The Princess and the Pea Michael Byars 15th
The Sunflower Nan Klinger 1st
The Wand of Youth Karen Gabay 30th
Three Visions of Bach James Sewell, Catherin Oppenheimer, Tom Smith 18th
Through the Looking Glass Michael Vernon 12th